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    Hello, suddenly from last week I have problems with uploading photos. Sometimes they do not displays in Highlighted Top (UnicMag post carousel) and sometimes into post or to popular articles etc.Sometimes i upload a image and at the homepage shows only the file name. Sometimes while upload normally the image to the wordpress platform after I can not attach to the article(post) because displays like broken(pixels)with the name of image file.It also happens the same image to appear normally in Highlighted Top (UnicMag post carousel)and does not appear in post or in popular articles etc.I must note that I have no problem with the size of the images because i follow your instructions: 1366×400 pixels for Main Slider and 560×360 for the posts.

    Please help me to fix the problem because I can not work on my website.


    Valar Morghulis


    Seem like you want to does not crop your images on post carousel, follow the tutorial below:

    In your theme directory, open this file functions.php


    'post-carousel' => array(
      'width'  => 560,
      'height' => 360,
      'crop'   => true


    'post-carousel' => array(
      'width'  => 560,
      'height' => 360,
      'crop'   => false

    Save your file.

    Go to Regenerate Thumbnails dashboard to regenerate size of all images on your site.

    Hope this helps,

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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